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Now what? That was the question that was in my mind. I decided to do it. More importantly, if I didn’t go, I knew the consequences of my addiction would ruin me. My family had planned an intervention with Britelife Recovery, which is where I attended my 60-day program. I was mostly numb during that time. My emotions had been buried deep under my addiction. I was a walking zombie. That didn’t mean I wasn’t scared. I was. I just couldn’t identify my feelings because I had become so used to avoiding them. You may be feeling the same way, but there are some rehab tips to help you prepare for treatment.

The Big Step to Go to Rehab

Maybe you still don’t think you are struggling with addiction in a way that requires the big step of going to rehab. Maybe you are entirely ready to go, but you are still scared and wondering what to expect. The NIH says, “An important part of rehab is the personalization of the program.” BriteLife personalized my program and made everything smooth for me, especially when explaining rehab tips before entering treatment.

After some time there, my emotions didn’t dissipate, but the staff and programs helped me understand how to experience those emotions without being overtaken by them. Trust me; there were moments when I felt like giving up. The staff and program at BriteLife were so amazing that those negative emotions were few and far between. Here are some of the rehab tips I learned to get to recovery.

1.) Take the “One Day At A Time” Mantra

Living in the present has never been so critical. It will be challenging at times. Have a strong reason to complete the program and stick to it no matter how difficult things feel. Part of rehab is learning to live in the present while remembering the rehab tips you learned, even when faced with overwhelming emotions.

2.) Be Fully Committed

Go all in. If you are lukewarm before starting the program, you need to abandon any thinking you may drop out. It may seem easier to leave than face your sobriety, it is not though. You have much more to lose with your addiction than dealing with emotions, such as anxiety, fear, anger, and depression. Anger will hit you hard when you first become sober. Embrace it, and lean on the program to help you. That is why our professional and experienced staff at BriteLife is here.

3.) Engage with Activities Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

I cannot count how many times I would look at my schedule and think about how I didn’t ‘want to do an activity. The thing is, even now that I am out of rehab, I have days like that. Rehab kept me in line. There are strong reasons for the way things are. Follow them because they are the guidelines that will keep you going when you want to give up.

4.) Expect Progress to Be Slow (Lower Expectations of How Things Should Be)

One day at a time. Say it again and again. One moment at a time. The biggest cause of anxiety is the unknown. Stay in the known, focus on the right now. Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t assume that you should be in any place other than where you are at. Recovery is your process and unique to every individual.

5.) What to Pack?

Comfortable clothing and shoes. You’ll want something that you can exercise in. You will have a lot of energy you will need to burn off. Bring a notebook and pen. Writing or expressing your feelings in ink can be a great way to burn off some of the feelings you may experience during your recovery process.

6.) Just Go!

Addiction is tough but treatable according to experts. The top priority is to get yourself to a program. You owe yourself a chance to get better. You owe your chance to see what the other side of addiction looks like. Focus on that every day and the moment you feel scared to leave behind where you are currently at.

7.) Practice Honesty

Practicing honesty means not just being honest with others, but with yourself. Maybe there are some areas of self-development or there are places you could improve but haven’t had the will to look at those areas. Addiction can mask the reality of what is going on. Use your resources at rehab to take a deep, hard look at your own truth. From there, you will be able to find a place of healing and peace.

8.) Embrace Change

Everything will change when you go to rehab. But everything would change even if you didn’t go. Life is constant change. The program at BriteLife Recovery got me to realize that even though change can be sad, you can see a silver lining in things. Addiction treatment taught me how to go with the flow rather than against the current.

9.) Choose a Mentor that Inspires You

You will have the cream of the crop at BrightLife. The staff are intelligent, wise, and have a great sense of humor. The key is to find someone relatable to you and your experience. Or perhaps you just get a good feeling with them. The important thing is that they inspire you in some sense. This will ignite a fire in you. You will be able to see a reflection of your passion in their eyes. This is the person you should learn from; this is the person you can see yourself becoming.

10.) Be Careful of Replacing Your Addiction with Another Addiction (Food, Cigarettes, Sugar, etc.)

As emotions flood through you for what feels like the first time, you will feel overwhelmed. The craving to numb those powerful emotions with something will be there. You are an addict, after all. There will be all sorts of temptations to fill the hole. Food, sex, cigarettes, or maybe you like television. Whatever your poison, be careful of filling your hole with it when you cleanse yourself of whatever addiction you had.

11.) Leave Drama Outside

Remember how Amber stole some money from Jon, and now she wants to buy some meth with it? Jon is her boyfriend, for gosh sake. How could she do that to him? Should I tell him? But then I wouldn’t get any of Amber’s drugs that she will buy with the stolen money.

The best thing about addiction treatment is that you get to leave this kind of drama behind. You unlock the chains of drama and free yourself from it as much as possible. Drama will crop up in life because life happens. Yet, in recovery, you will learn how to walk away from that drama. You will learn that once you leave it, peace follows.

12.) Don’t Leave

Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t expect that it won’t be tough. Don’t expect life after won’t be tough. If you don’t do this, if you don’t treat your addiction, you will lose out on the beauty of what it means to be alive. Breathing the air. Feeling the sun on your skin. You will leave behind your addiction and in turn, experience the beauty of life.

Rehab at BriteLife Recovery

Rehab at Britelife Recovery gives you the best chance at sobriety. Our addiction treatment experts are ready to help you.

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