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Our Approach to drug & alcohol addiction treatment

BriteLife’s approach toward recovery draws from modern addiction psychiatry, the “Seeking Safety” model, solution-based clinical approaches, eastern philosophy, and more. The team at BriteLife believes in utilizing whatever works for every individual patient. At the core of the program, however, is individual therapy. While group treatment provides many benefits, the primary step towards true recovery comes from getting to the origins of their addictions. When people are handling the shame, guilt and remorse that goes alongside addiction, they’re not getting to share all of that during a group. Through individual psychotherapy, a primary therapist can get to the heart of the matter, helping people to open-up emotionally and get rid of their demons in a client-centric, intimate setting.


Avoiding a cookie-cutter approach, BriteLife South Carolina offers powerful therapies in a seaside atmosphere. The amenities at BriteLife are amazing and the food is fantastic. Group beach outings and activities are a daily occurrence. We also offer a full recovery meeting clubhouse, ergonomic group rooms and therapy rooms. The program, however, is intense. It’s a higher level of care than most addiction treatment programs, BriteLife focuses on what people can do, instead of what they can’t do. Striving to show people to require care of themselves, the program also provides physical therapy and work placement counseling.

WHERE COMFORT AND substance abuse care COme together

The goal is to keep clients comfortable while at the same time treating them aggressively to carry out the maximum amount of care as possible within the time available. Typically, client’s complete detox before going on to a residential level of care. There’s 24-hour medical care, doctors, and fully licensed and authorized therapists. Patients receive treatment for co-occurring mental health problems alongside addiction treatment. The psychiatry expertise of the staff heavily influences the philosophy of the program, which offers a full continuum of care under one roof, with an in-depth aftercare, alumni, and discharge planning approach.

A one-on-one approach to addiction recovery is at the heart of BriteLife’s philosophy, and its key to BriteLife’s success. Individual therapy can give patients tools and help them summon the strength to survive addiction and restore their lives.

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