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Addiction Recovery

How long do drugs stay in your system? The length of time that drugs stay in your system is up to you.

The continuation of drug use results in lingering amounts that take longer to leave your system.

At BriteLife Recovery, we can help you overcome your drug addiction by providing long-term recovery solutions.

We properly treat your whole being, not just the active addiction.

We also specialize in dual diagnosis. Diagnosis of contributing mental health conditions will help you manage addiction, while proven therapies will address your mental health disorder.

There is a brighter future when you choose to seek managed care at BriteLife Recovery.

We make the process a positive experience that helps you sustain long-term recovery.

When Will I Be Clean?

Everyone wants a clear answer to: How long do drugs stay in your system? The truth is that no one can accurately predict how long drugs stay in your system.

How long drugs stay in your system is dependent on a few different factors.

The dosage, along with your age, gender, weight, and general health, all play a role in how your body metabolizes drugs. Metabolism is how your body breaks down the drugs into smaller chemicals called “metabolites.”

Therefore, metabolites are reliable indicators of “the parent” drug use.

Some metabolites like marijuana are fat-soluble. Fat-soluble drugs will remain in your system much longer compared to other drugs.

Staying Clean is the Only Guarantee

The Food and Drug Administration compiled a chart that references general time frames that drugs remain in your system.

However, there is no guarantee that drugs will be out of your system using this chart.

If you are looking to pass a drug test, the only way to ensure a clean test is to stop using drugs.

If you are concerned about your drug use or want to avoid withdrawal, there are many resources available to help.

BriteLife Recovery will help you understand how drugs break down in your system.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your Urine?

Urinalysis is the most familiar form of drug testing available.

These tests are easy and painless. Urine screens rely on the level of drugs for positive or negative results. If you are a frequent or heavy drug user, then a urine test can detect drugs much longer after use.

Everyone will respond and metabolize drugs at a different rate.

Many factors play a role in how long drugs stay in your urine.

Marijuana, for example, is stored in body fat. Depending on your usage, weight, and metabolism level, THC detection is possible for months.

Other drugs, like cocaine, metabolize quickly — no matter how much you use.

However, because urine tests are often adulterated, new tests are being implemented that are more reliable.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your Saliva?

Salvia tests or oral swabs are becoming more popular.

The direct benefit of these tests over urine tests is that the administrator is present. There is a minimal chance to taint the results.

Detecting drugs through salvia is quick and painless.

Due to the remarkable ease of saliva swabs, they are the test of choice for employers and law enforcement agencies.

A standard saliva test can typically detect drug use within 30 minutes of consumption.

Drugs stay in your saliva for up to 48 hours. When you mix drugs with caffeine or alcohol, drugs can linger much longer than 48 hours.

For example, cocaine metabolite detection is possible for a couple of days after the last use.

Salvia tests are undoubtedly becoming the best reliable test to detect illegal substances accurately.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System: Chart

Everyone responds differently to drugs, so it’s difficult to know the exact time frame that drugs leave your system.

Drugs break down into smaller metabolites, so the average time it takes to leave the body is different for each person.

Weight is a critical factor in how long drugs stay in your system. Drugs absorb into the body via the bloodstream and enter fat cells if the drug is fat-soluble. If you are overweight, the rate of elimination is slower than compared to a leaner body.

Other contributing factors, like your age, can determine how long drugs stay in your system. As you age, your metabolism rate slows, causing drugs to stay in your system long after your last use.

You can estimate how long drugs stay in your system with this chart.

Stimulants 12 hours 4 days
Alcohol 124 hours 48 hours
Benzodiazepines 48 hours 7 days
Methamphetamines 48 hours 5 days
Cocaine/Crack 10 days 10 days
Opiates 36 hours 5 days

Getting Treatment for Drug Addiction

If you are struggling with substance use, it is essential, to be honest and upfront about your drug use.

Today, research shows that addiction is a chronic brain disease.

Healthcare professionals understand addiction is a real health condition that requires treatment.

Only through open and honest communication surrounding your drug use can you obtain the help you need.

BriteLife Recovery offers comprehensive treatment programs that support your long-term sobriety. Choosing us to manage your care can help you sustain recovery.


Detoxing is the first step in the journey to sobriety.

This first leap into recovery can be challenging for those who have used drugs for an extended time.

Withdrawal symptoms frequently characterize addiction.

Many that attempt to detox from drugs at home often find themselves unable to cope. This inability to cope is due to the negative consequences of sudden cessation from drugs.

Withdrawal can be life-threatening in some cases.

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, your body requires a certain level to function. When this is disrupted, you can feel out of control.

BriteLife Recovery offers a detox program that can help you manage with minimal discomfort. The process can last from a few days to weeks.

Inpatient Rehab for Drug Addiction

Our goal at BriteLife is to set you up for long-term recovery.

Your recovery is the most important step.

Choosing the right treatment program for your addiction needs can ensure a long and healthy life in recovery.

If you had a difficult detox, a residential program is your next step. You reside on the property and continue to address your addiction.

Our Hilton Head facility is a retreat that provides you with beautiful accommodations, a caring and dedicated staff, and unbeatable amenities to help you through recovery — all while surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Sustainable Recovery at BriteLife

Once you have completed addiction treatment, you must remain vigilant to stay sober.

Aftercare at BriteLife Recovery sets you up for long-term recovery.

Once you choose to stay sober, staying up-to-date with addiction aftercare is vital. Aftercare helps reinforce your commitment to recovery.

Addiction is a chronic disease. Like any chronic medical condition, preventive care is imperative to recovery.

The first year after detox is the most challenging.

Having the proper support system and safeguards in place is crucial for sustainable recovery.

Comprehensive Addiction Care

When you struggle with addiction, various factors play a role.

No one sets out to become addicted to drugs.

Life circumstances can predispose you to addiction.

BriteLife Recovery understands how stress, trauma, and mental illness can contribute to addiction.

Receiving the right diagnosis makes recovering from substance abuse possible.

Funding Addiction Treatment

Most major insurances cover addiction treatment.

At BriteLife Recovery, we can help you understand the limits of your policy.

We will fight to get you into an affordable recovery program.

We can help you ask the right questions to get the most from your insurance plan.

Our goal is to knock down the barriers and provide the most successful outcomes.

To reach as many people, we will even drive to pick you up. We are also available at all hours.

The right time for treatment is today.

Give us a call and discover a happy and sober path.

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