As someone who has completed or will soon be completing an addiction treatment program, you may be considering your next steps. There are many different options that can give you the support you need following program completion.

Living Facilities

If you feel that you will need more consistent and regimented support following your program completion, a sober living facility can be a good option. These homes allow you to receive support while living with others who are recovering, but they also provide structure in the form of house rules and scheduled therapy sessions.


Once you have returned to life at home, attending meetings based on the 12-step approach to recovery can help you to connect to other veterans or first responders who are also in recovery and to build a support network. Intensive outpatient programs—or IOPs—offer opportunities for both group and individual therapy.

Attending meetings can also include getting a sponsor—someone you can call at times when support is needed. This can be a very effective way to maintain your recovery progress.

Life after rehab begins with choosing the best direction for you. This infographic from BriteLife Recovery will give you more information about your options.

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