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Addiction Treatment Programs in South Carolina

BriteLife Recovery is a comprehensive South Carolina treatment program located on beautiful Hilton Head Island. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs are created for each client’s personal needs and focus on improving overall well-being to help clients achieve lasting recovery. With low staff-to-client ratios, experienced counselors and medical staff, clients have entry to a variety of evidenced-based addiction treatment programs and therapies to help you find the new you!

Upon your arrival at our breathtaking Hilton Head treatment center, you’ll have a clinical assessment that will help us create a personalized treatment plan that is centered on client choice and treatment needs. Through detox, residential, partial hospitalization, outpatient, and continuing care programs, clients have an abundance of opportunities to immerse themselves in recovery, as they set the stage for a life of health and wellness in sobriety.

Our South Carolina treatment programs focus, not only on the body and mind, but also the spirit. We follow the highest standards of care and use the latest techniques to form our substance abuse rehab programs. At BriteLife Recovery in South Carolina, clients receive world-class care in a serene, resort-like atmosphere.

Hilton Head Drug & Alcohol Detox

For most people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, detox is a required first step in the recovery process. Clients who have been unable to stop on their own because of psychological dependency will need to admit to our South Carolina detox. This initial stage can take up to two weeks, depending on their substance history and other factors. BriteLife’s doctors oversee the detox process for each client. We do everything we can to make clients as comfy as possible throughout detox.

Upon successful completion of detox, most clients advance to our intensive residential program. This second phase provides 24/7 supervision for clients as they feel better and ready to work on the behavioral side of their addiction. We also offer a women's residential program in nearby Bluffton, SC.

At BriteLife South Carolina, clients experience private rooms with luxury amenities. This includes haute cuisine, scenic grounds with swimming pools. This beautiful setting is perfect for those who want to get on the road to addiction recovery.

Our partial hospitalization program (or PHP) provides clients with the medical attention and care they still may need beyond residential care. Partial hospitalization is one of the most effective treatment programs in the continuum of care. Most clients will have completed our residential treatment program and transition to PHP as part of the range of care. Our PHP program gives clients structure and redundancy with more freedom than residential addiction level of care.

Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment is non-residential care designed to provide ongoing support for clients on their recovery journey. Our South Carolina IOP program is prefect for those who have successfully completed a residential or partial hospital program and who want to continue treatment while working part-time or going to school.

In rare cases, some clients may be appropriate for our intensive outpatient program without completing a residential treatment program first. However, for clients with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis, such as generalized anxiety or bipolar disorder, we advise beginning with our residential program before stepping down to any outpatient programs.

Once a client has completed their addiction treatment course and is ready to transition back to their home, sober living is often the best next phase. It allows clients to practice the things that need fixing in real life. Sober living programs also allow for a more gradual transition into everyday life. Clients can usually resume some work or school and still be supported by their sober peers. In sober living, clients typically continue attending individual or group therapy in our outpatient programs.

Even after completing our treatment modalities, our alumni group can provide inspiration on the recovery journey. Our alumni group stays connected through our private, secure alumni app. Here, clients share their ups and downs and draw support from each other as they progress in sobriety. We also host local alumni meetings for those in South Carolina. We celebrate every milestone and bolster each other through difficult events. Many of these relationships create life-long friendships.

The first year after leaving a treatment facility tests an individual’s resolve, and is often one of the most difficult.

Doctor-supervised use of medications to treat opioid use disorder (OUD).

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