Residential Addiction Treatment In South Carolina

Getting sober on your own can be difficult or may feel impossible, especially if you are dependent on one or more drugs. Leaving your home is never easy, especially when you’re in a fragile state. However, admitting into a South Carolina residential treatment program can significantly increase your chances of a better life and brighter tomorrow.

Our Hilton Head residential programs are designed to provide 24/7 care for people in the early steps of addiction recovery. While inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is focused primarily on medical stabilization, residential treatment can last for months and emphasizes helping clients build critical life skills for long-term recovery.

BriteLife Recovery does everything possible to create a warm, welcoming, and secure environment for clients at our Hilton Head Island residential program. You’ll enjoy a private or semi-private room with resort-style amenities, including upscale dining, immaculate grounds with a swimming pool. 


Finding recovery on your own can be difficult, if not impossible, especially if you are addicted to one or more drugs. At the same time, going away from home to get treatment is not easy, particularly when you don’t feel well. However, entering a South Carolina rehab program will exponentially increase your chances of a positive treatment outcome and brighter tomorrow.

Our Hilton Head residential program is designed to provide around-the-clock care for people in this second phase of addiction recovery. While inpatient, medical detox is focused primarily on health stabilization, residential treatment can last up to a year and emphasizes critical life building skills that are essential for lasting sobriety.

At BriteLife, we adhere to gender-specific programming for addiction rehab. If you are looking for a South Carolina residential program and have never attended a female-only or male-only rehab, you may not understand the advantages of admitting into a gender-specific program. At our Hilton Head Island treatment facility, we offer separate residences for women and men. Moreover, the environments are a safe retreat for both men and women to recover and heal from substance use disorder. 

Some of the most important advantages include:

  • Treatment is hyper-focused for each gender
  • Avoids coed distractions
  • Creates opportunity for openness
  • Supports camaraderie and bonding

The Residential Addiction Program is Just the Beginning

In every aspect of our client's care, from the moment they call or email our staff, to the moment they walk out the door, they will be provided with exceptional care by professionals who know recovery from the inside out. With the help of our intake counselors, we will develop an individualized plan with help from our admissions team. We offer comprehensive rehab. When assessing our clients, we consider their personal history, type of addiction, length of addiction, physical and mental health, among other factors. Co-occurring disorders are treated jointly by our medical team and our therapists. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are a few examples of these disorders.


Throughout your time in South Carolina residential drug rehab, you’ll receive ongoing health and clinical assessments to ensure effective care. This also includes any co-occurring conditions and how the client is progressing in individual and support group sessions with other clients. At the same time, we also invite and encourage family members to participate in private counseling sessions, when appropriate. Addiction is a family disease. Having the support of family members during this critical time can be helpful, and family members often benefit with a better understanding of their loved one's addiction. Our Hilton Head residential program is designed to provide a safe environment where clients can focus on healing, wellness, and building important coping skills.


Our South Carolina residential program provides 24/7 supervision and monitoring. The inpatient program offers intense therapy for healing, discovery, and skill building. If you like more information about our residential program, please call us 24/7 365 at 866-470-2187. All calls are confidential.

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