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At BriteLife, we understand that everyone is different and so are their addictions and recoveries. Therefore, we design personalized treatment plans for each client. At BriteLife Recovery, we build our South Carolina detox programs according to several aspects. These include type of substance (alcohol, heroin, Fentanyl and other opioids, etc.) duration of use, severity of abuse, and physical health. There is no standard program for detox, and all situations are distinct. For instance, alcohol detox necessitates a slightly different approach than opioid detox. Regardless of detox protocol, we provide a comfortable and luxurious setting for our clients to recover on beautiful Hilton Head Island. Our South Carolina alcohol and drug detox programs are overseen by a medical director, doctors, nurses, and counselors who are committed to your health, safety, and recovery.

a comfortable start to Recovery

A medically supervised detox is an essential first step in getting sober. Detoxification from alcohol, benzos, opioids, heroin, and other drugs can be dangerous and should only be performed under a doctor’s care. The BriteLife detox team will help you to be as comfortable as possible during this first stage of recovery. While a detox is required, it doesn’t have to be painful with modern pharmacology and skilled detox physicians. 

A medically supervised detox performed correctly can make withdrawal a fairly painless experience. The result is a softer passage into recovery and residential treatment that follows. In this way, the intensity and pain of symptoms can be greatly diminished. Our leading South Carolina detox offers a secure and well-appointed setting for you to begin the road to recovery.

Alcohol Detox in hilton head

Alcohol is the most common substance used in America today. In fact, about half of all adult Americans drink alcohol. However, consuming too much alcohol on a repetitive basis can make you become alcohol dependent. For example, feeling tremors five hours after your last drink is one warning sign of alcohol withdrawal. Withdrawal signs typically can persuade alcoholic drinkers to drink more to ward off uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms This brutal cycle of alcoholic drinking to escape withdrawal is alcohol addiction! In detox, our talented team will evaluate your medical condition, along with your drinking history to prepare a safe, comfortable detox plan. Alcohol detox is about 7-10 days (although some clients need more time) and is a requisite for residential addiction treatment.

Drug Detox in south carolina

Drug dependency can start innocently, with doctor prescribed medications, or with pain killers taken following a surgery. Sometimes, misuse of prescription drugs leads to ongoing drug abuse, dependency, and addiction. Sadly, many individuals who become addicted get turned away by their doctors for refill prescriptions and are compelled to dangerous street supplies of heroin, Fentanyl, and other counterfeit drugs.

BriteLife Recovery is your best selection for a premium South Carolina detox. We treat all drug addiction including opioids, Fentanyl, heroin, benzodiazepines, Adderall and ADHD drugs, pain medication, sleeping pills, suboxone, marijuana, Xanax, kratom, morphine, and more.


The detox for someone experiencing polysubstance addiction can be more complicated than a client with a singular substance use disorder. Based on the actual substances that a client has been using, the detox will be customized to ensure safety and medical stabilization from each substance (or alcohol). Our doctors and nurses will make sure that all withdrawal symptoms are being managed with appropriate pharmacology. The detox period is typically not longer with multiple substances, but it does require a different approach to make sure each client is successfully detox and able to transition to residential treatment.

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BriteLife Recovery is your best option for a comfortable medical detox from drug addiction including cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, benzodiazepines, hydrocodone, oxycodone, Percocet, or any other prescription medications. Typically, drug detoxifications last between 5-7 days. Successful detoxification is mandatory to advance to our residential addiction program. Call us today at 866-470-2187 and you can get on the road to recovery as soon as tomorrow.

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