Co-Occurring Disorder

Co-Occurring Disorders and Addiction Recovery

Many times, there are co-occurring disorders connected to substance abuse. To appropriately treat addiction, you must also correctly diagnose and treat these problems as well, which likely consist of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our South Carolina addiction team has experience and skill in these areas and recognize how to work with therapists and medical personnel to create programs that address all behavioral health needs. This is the only way to fully defeat addiction and place clients in position to decrease the danger of relapse.


While everyone experiences some daily stress, those with a true anxiety disorder are often left helpless and unable to cope. Like other mental health conditions, it is common for these individuals to seek relief through drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse leads to dependence and addiction when misuse becomes frequent and excessive to feel better.


Bipolar Disorder can be tough to pinpoint and can be caused by genetics, brain chemistry or stressful situations. People suffering from bipolar disorder have intense mood swings that take them from feelings of extraordinary highs to dreadful lows. To self-medicate, bipolar sufferers look to drugs and alcohol to lessen the pain and offer a false sense of “normal.”


Depression is more common than you think when working with substance abuse clients. While inherent depression may lead some to use drugs and alcohol to get by, these substances also amplify the effects of depression. Research shows that almost 40% of persons who are pinpointed with severe depression also have alcohol and drug abuse problems.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD) is a well-known phrase for decades, but most people never understood the nuances of condition or its harm. Usually associated with military veterans and first responders, those with PTSD far too often suffer by themselves. Although more people with PTSD are seeking help than ever, there are still far too many who remain untreated.

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