EMDR Therapy in South Carolina

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is a way to help people to process trauma and related events. EMDR is considered an unconventional therapy that’s gaining acceptance, especially for PTSD, which people can suffer after military service, bodily harm, or shocking events. It’s essential to note that because client safety must come first, EMDR is not utilized to deal with trauma when a client is in active addiction or taking medication that changes the way they feel.

How Does EMDR Work?

EMDR therapy uses a basic set of practices to help clients remove disturbing memories from the emotional side and to put them into the rational side of your brain to alleviate the emotional responses you have when you’re triggered by the recollection.

This is completed through a technique known as bilateral stimulation. Bilateral stimulation involves stimulating both the sides of a person’s brain. Many times, this is achieved by a therapist moving their finger back and forth while the client follows it with their eyes. Therapists may also stimulate both areas of the brain using sound.

When this happens, the memory is dislodged, and the client can process it. Many people find that as time passes, they are not as easily shaken by past events or when reminded of them. With time, the memory is less traumatic. Having this kind of support allows patients to live in the moment more fully and move towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

EMDR and Addiction Treatment on Hilton Head Island

EMDR interacts to addiction in a very particular manner, trauma to be specific. Our South Carolina addiction therapists have found that many people who have experienced trauma, or disorders like PTSD also have substantial addiction issues. Studies have indicated that these experiences greatly impact both disorders, as well as in a lowered immune system. EMDR has shown to be a solid potential treatment alternative for those in residential or partial hospitalization levels of care.

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