Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy in South Carolina

BriteLife South Carolina offers a full continuum of addiction care to treat every aspect of the recovery process. Some believe that addiction recovery is just about getting detoxed from alcohol or drugs. However, the reality is that complete recovery is a journey that includes many different phases, therapies, and behavioral changes. Various forms of therapy take place throughout the recovery process to help clients to curb their cravings, prevent relapses, and maintain a life free of substances. Individual therapy is one of the most recognizable and essential components of traditional addiction treatment. It is also integrated with most other treatment modalities.

One-on-one therapy on Hilton Head Island

Recovery from addiction is so much more than the initial detoxification process. While this initial phase addresses the withdrawal and cravings, therapy talks to the mental and emotional needs of addiction recovery. Also, drugs and alcohol are repeatedly used to self-medicate, there are normally a lot of feelings to unpack after detox. One-on-one therapy can help clients start over while addressing their problems.

Individual therapy is also essential to help avoid relapses. There are so many social settings or psychological problems that can play a role in causing a relapse. Individual therapy can deal with many of these addiction triggers, including:

  • Situational stress.
    Work, school, relationships, family, and other life events can lead to a need to use. Individual therapy helps discover more positive ways of handling stress.

  • People, places, and things.
    Going back to places where an individual used to drink or use drugs can trigger old thought patterns and behaviors. These include going to old haunts like bars, parties or other places that connect the impulse to drink or drug. One-on-one therapy helps clients find coping tools to deal with these circumstances.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy shows clients how to recognize their feelings and thoughts that occur when cravings happen. CBT also includes acknowledging certain social situations and patterns that can lead to addiction relapse. CBT therapists work in partnership with each client to help them learn to escape these negative behaviors and thinking patterns. At the same time, clients learn how to replace destructive thinking with positive thinking. The healthier, constructive beliefs support the client to stay sober.

CBT uses detailed, verified methods to help people get through dangerous thinking and the emotions that accompany it. BriteLife therapists trained in CBT can present their clients with powerful tools that support long-term sobriety.

Personalized Therapy in the low country

The top-notch therapists at BriteLife Recovery South Carolina provide thorough, cutting-edge addiction treatment to every client. We understand that each client is unique, and our addiction therapy team can tailor our approach to fit each client. Our clients are treated as individuals, they have a voice in their treatment and goals. With this degree of personalized care, our clients have the best outlook at a life of joy and wellbeing.

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